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Andrew Lean I have found Podsilo to be an excellent program with excellent support. I received help within 12 hours of posting my questions, Marvin was incredibly helpful. It downloads rss feeds. Audio advised faultlessly and is an excellent replacement for Juice. Andrew

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John Mihaljevic I recently changed to PodSilo from Juice, because Juice just stopped working. PodSilo, by contrast, not only works, but works well. It happily Imported my feed list from Juice (300+ items) and got on with the job.

I just had a problem with Adding Feeds - I kept getting 'Invalid Feed". I reported the problem to PodSilo, and got a prompt reply that solved the problem - it turned out was trying to add the description page, rather than the actual rss feed. I should have known better!

You don't always get a prompt, or even any, response to a request for help, let alone one that actually helps! The fact that PodSilo does so quickly and effectively is all the more reason to use it. PodSilo is easy to use, the FAQs provide a comprehensive Help facility, but we can all have the occasional 'wetware glitch', when a helpful and understanding software provider is appreciated. Thanks, PodSilo.

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