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In order to follow your favorite online radio stations and programs, you need not only a podcast downloader, but also a tool that can poll your RSS feeds, manage all the downloaded episodes, and even the disk space they take up. PodSilo offers you all of these features and throws in a podcast scheduler and a Feed Journal with real-time details about the progress of all your feed polls and episode downloads.

PodSilo has been designed to be of use to anyone that follows a variety of channels or podcasts and don’t want to miss an episode. You can add any number of RSS feeds to the list and apply a time schedule to each of them or download the desired episodes manually. You will need to use the “Add Feed” button to enlarge your feed list, which will open a new dialog where you will be asked to paste or type in the feed URL. The “Test Feed” button will let you try the feed before adding it to the list. Regrettably, you won’t be able to add new URLs using the drag-and-drop method.

Your feeds will be polled and updated at the catch-up schedules that you define, though you can always poll all or selected feeds whenever you wish by clicking on the buttons provided. You can limit both the number of feeds to poll and of episodes to download simultaneously and define a series of clean-up rules that will help you keep all your podcasts neatly organized. These rules can be applied every time a scheduled catch-up operation takes place, and they may include defining the list of episodes to be kept in a feed (say, the latest 10), the amount of time a downloaded episode will be kept on the list, and even how much disk space you wish to allocate per feed.

The Feed Journal will keep a log of all the tasks performed and will show you the status of all your feed polls, including the number of new episodes found. Likewise, it will show you a list of all the episodes marked for download and their download progress. Once on your disk, you can manage your audio files using the Manage Episodes feature. Here you can rename your files, remove them from disk, or simply hide them from the list.

PodSilo is both an easy-to-use and an affordable podcast downloader and manager. It offers a good level of flexibility that will allow you to define how and when you want your podcasts to be downloaded, and – just as good – a comprehensive set of disk and podcast management tools to help you keep track of all your feeds without running out of disk space.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Poll and download scheduler
  • Clean-up features
  • Disk space manager
  • Episode management tools


  • Adding feeds using drag-and-drop is not supported
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